The Neuroplastic Mind

Change your mind, change your life.

Meditation for those who Seek

Science has shown us that the brain is neuroplastic, and that new neural networks can be intentionally made through creative visualization.  Therefore we are capable of changing the things that no longer serve us, and enhancing the things that do.  

  • Develop your highest potential

  • Learn tools to facilitate challenging transitions

  • Achieve your personal best

  • Make your goals a reality

  • Change your mind about things that no longer serve you

  • Recognize when you're being affected by your thoughts

I offer years of experience as an outstanding performer and top sales person along with business organization, team building, planning and guided meditation and mindfulness.  Whether you're looking to optimize your performance, build your team, or simply organize your thoughts around your goals, I can help.  I am an artist, a writer, an amateur chef, a weekend philosopher, and personal coach.  I offer traditional life and business coaching along with guided meditation and mindfulness practice.

Although most of my clients are artists, I'm open to serving all people with open minds and a desire to better their lives.  

As a meditation facilitator, I guide you through transformation and change, trauma and difficulty, where you can experience your past from a non-threatening perspective, which allows you unlock the potential within.  Once the messy stuff is dealt with we'll delve into the Laws of Attraction, bringing all of your dreams closer to reality.  

I offer private and group meditation sessions.   All sessions can be done in person, on-line, or over the telephone.  This is not group therapy, or therapy of any kind.  Your stories remain your stories, I only offer the tools to help guide you through the meditation process.  This practice is a road-map to help you discover creative solutions for your personal and professional life.


Charles Bell MD, 1802 

 The neuroplastic nature of our brains principal is linked to the concept that connections within our brains are continuously being removed or recreated, depending on how they are used.  In 1949, Donald Hebb coined the phrase "neurons that fire together, wire together" and conversely "neurons that fire apart, wire apart."

What this means is that all of our experiences, including feelings, thoughts, sensations, and muscle actions become embedded in the network of our brain cells, that produce that experience or the memory of that experience. Each time a particular thought or action is repeated, the connection between a set of brain cells or neurons is strengthened.

Simply stated, our brain cells communicate through synaptic "neuronal firing" where each cell fires as the next cell receives that communication. When repeated firing happens over and over again, the pathway in the brain strengthens, making a neural groove, so that the messages become automatic.  Although this can be helpful in cases of perfecting your ability to play guitar, or perform repetitive tasks, it can be problematic when traumatic experiences from our past inform our present in the form of triggering  memories.  This applies to minor as well as major traumatic past events.

Leonardo da  Vinci, Anatomical Man

Leonardo da Vinci, Anatomical Man

Often people don't realize they are re-experiencing a traumatic event simply by remembering it or, that they are existing in the limbic part of the brain. Our limbic system does not differentiate real time from past time, and the event in our memory can feel as real today as when it originally happened twenty years ago, for example.   Part of what this guided meditation does is help re-frame negative experiences and limiting beliefs, allowing us to experience life from a place of safety where you will re-tell the story from a different part of your brain.

Based on Hebb's principal that neurons that fire together wire together, this meditation aims at creating new patterns of old memories helping to alleviate ingrained limbic responses from the past.

It is important to note that this meditation modality is not therapy, is not meant to replace medical advise from your doctor.