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Working Title: Gossamer Dreams

  • March 17, 2018

Welcome to my work in progress.  The writings will not be posted in order that they occur in the book.  My hope is that each writing can be read as a stand alone blog.  Please feel free to comment and share your ideas.

All work is copyrighted by Tonia Zambrano © 2007-2018. Thank you for your interest.

Chapter 19 Date Night

Charlie giddy with nervous energy walks back and forth under the bright lights from the marquis.  It’s been years since they’ve had a date night, but he’s hopeful that the magic of the symphony will rekindle the warmth in her heart.  A light drizzle of snow glistens on the shoulders of his velvet blazer.  The crowd, that only minutes ago flooded the entrance, has gone inside to claim their seats and only a few people sucking down the last of their fast burning cigarettes remain.  A taxi screeches to a halt at the curb.  Charlie opens her door for Veronica, she tosses the driver a $20 and jumps out.  Charlie smiles and she turns her cheek to him allowing him to plant a kiss.

They make it to their seats just as the lights dim.  She pulls her cell phone out to turn it off and notices several messages.  Read more...